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Once it has been established that the problem you are experiencing is definitely bedbugs, we will then provide you with a preparation list of things to be done on your behalf to prepare the area or areas for service. The preparation can be extensive but it is very important to follow all of our recommendations as best as possible. Once the area is prepared we will then schedule your first service. If we will only be servicing bedrooms then we find it ok for the customer to stay home during the service as long as the doors are kept closed.


If we will be providing service to any other areas we find it better if the customer would leave and come back 4-5 hours after the service is completed. The bed can be slept in the same night after the service has been performed. The second service will be scheduled as soon as we complete the first and it will be within two weeks. We always suggest that you don’t clean the room until two weeks after the second service and you walk around the room in either socks or shoes.