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When I called Proactive I called at 6:01 am and Jim answered the phone as if he were wide awake. I found out later that I woke him up! Even though I woke Jim up he was the most pleasant person, also very clear on what I needed to do to my home in order for the process to be successful. I also called Jim several times after that. Again Jim was as informative and patient as the first time I called him.
When I finally met Jim he was very helpful and informative about the process answered all my questions and clearly took his time. Once Jim treated my house I had no more problems. I was extremely satisfied with the service Jim performed and would refer and use his service again.

James is a one man US army batallion who runs the show. Reliable and dependable in addition to knowing what the heck he is doing.

Fantastic pest control service, very nice and honest gentleman (James). He recommended a cost-effective treatment and advised against the more expensive “multiple” treatments suggested by some other companies. He was accompanied by another gentleman (Matt) who was also pleasant to interact with. It was a pleasure to have dealt with James, and I will be sure to use his company’s services for any future pest control applications.

Definitely did a wonderful job with professional care. You will be satisfied especially if you have little ones to concern regarding chemicals. It was quick, simple & stress free.

Great humble guy,(james) very honest, the experience was very great, its 5 stars for sure!!! He came in and got rid of these roaches that suddenly appeared. He did it with ease, i would recommend his service to anybody that needs an exterminator!

James took care of my flea problem. He offered to come back until the problem was resolved. He was also kind enough to fix my running toilet…free of charge. I highly recommend him. Thanks James!

Flies, Flies, Flies everywhere!

We had 100’s of them. Then James came in with his MAGIC solution and within 24 hours they were literally “dropping like flies”

My family can’t thank James enough for coming right away and comforting us that the problem will be gone right away.

I would tell anyone that has a pest problem to call James and Proactive pest control right away.

Over the summer, my husband and I bought a house in North Brunswick, NJ. Within a few days, we had ants and plenty of them along with one pesky spider at our front door.

I scouted out a few places online, read some reviews and decided to call Proactive Pest Control. James answered the phone on a weekend. I honestly didn’t expect for him to show up for at least a few days. He was over our home the first thing the next day. He was super nice, his services were affordable and as a bonus, great with our pets.

We have a Mastiff Bull Dog and James was a SWEETHEART to him. I called James the next day in a panic because the ants were still mostly gone, but a few were still dying. He said he was happy to come back over after a few days to re-spray if they didn’t disappear. But, by then, they were gone. 🙂

See you in the spring, James! I know Buck can’t wait! 🙂

Well it’s been 5 weeks since we had our last service and we haven’t had one bite. We had a bedbug problem in our home and I am happy we decided to call ProActive Pest. They walked us right through the whole process and even though it was a lot of work on our part, I am happy we did it because it made sense to make everything work out right. Thanks James and now we can sleep tight and not let the bedbugs bite.

I had a wonderful experience with James at Proactive Pest Control. There was a huge hornets nest outside my bedroom window and when I called him, he was very helpful and responsive. He came out the next day to take care of it and the service was professional and quick. He is very easy to work with and fully explained what needed to be done. The price was extremely reasonable based on my discussions with other companies and the service was topnotch! I would not hesitate to recommend him to others and he will be my first call for any pest issues. Thank you James!

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